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Specialty store of local toys and folk art

I am a staff member of Bingoya, a folk craft store in front of Wakamatsu-Kawada Station on the Toei Oedo Line. Until I was in charge of local toys a dozen years ago, I thought that any toy would be delivered immediately if I ordered it from the creator, and it would be easy to get. But that was a terrible mistake. Since each handmade toys are carefully made over time, many of the artists are out of stock and start making after ordering, and it often takes for months, six months, or a year later to delivered.  Some will arrive when you forget them after a few years. I would be grateful if I could wait for many years to deliver it, but some of the makers are quitting or suddenly going out of business due to old age, which is a real shock.
And since local toys are handmade using natural materials, it may not be possible to make them due to climate or natural disasters. In some cases, the materials may not grow due to bad weather, or the kiln or workplace may collapse due to a typhoon or heavy rain, making it impossible to work.

The folk toys are made of natural materials, so it takes time and effort, and the price will never be cheap. If they make it with an artificial material using a machine, they can mass-produce it, and they can produce it inexpensively and stably. However, I don't dare to mass-produce it, but it is still made with the materials and methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, so I think that it is possible to create works that resonate with the heart.

The world of folk toys is really deep, and there are many things that I don't even know, and I think there are places where I'm ignorant from the perspective of a knowledgeable person. In particular, I have little knowledge of old toys and kokeshi dolls, so if I write something wrong, please point out .
I think it is better not to explain too much about each work. That's because we want our customers to make intuitive choices. Whether this work is good or bad, like or dislike, want or not, is a customer's preference, so I will try not to give my opinion as much as possible.
It would be a great pleasure to have a site that can be enjoyed by both those who are familiar with folk toys and folk art and those who are not familiar with it.
The blog also has a detailed story about folk toys. If you register as a member of the blog site, members can follow each other.



Cute, fun and healed.

Although it is a local toy with such an image, it is actually made with various meanings. Five-grain fertility, amulet, plague prevention, blessing, prayer for safe delivery, prayer for childbirth, deworming, prevention of aspiration, etc.

We sell not only folk toys that are still made in various places, but also vintage and used local toys and kokeshi dolls that are difficult to obtain.

​If you would like to purchase from overseas please email me or fill out the contact form below and send me the inquiry.

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Please feel free to contact us

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